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The Montclair Center for Psychological Services, LLC offers a wide array of psychological services to clients of all ages. Our staff and consultants are highly trained and have extensive experience in the practice of psychology. Our main office is in Montclair, however we have a variety of other locations where we provide services both in New York and New Jersey. For more information please list your question and contact information below and we will contact you within 24 hours.

What Others Are Saying

  • Dr. Mihaela Epurianu Dranoff is an ACT Coordinator/Master Trainer and certified facilitator with the American Psychological Association's  ACT Raising Safe Kids Program.  She has in-depth knowledge on child development and parenting. I had the privilege of working with Dr. Epurianu Dranoff in Romania, where we introduced the ACT Raising Safe Kids Program. Dr. Epurianu Dranoff is an excellent facilitator and a culturally-responsive professional.  With parents and children Dr. Epurianu Dranoff is attentive, patient, and committed to their overall well-being.

    Dr. Milton Fuentes Montclair State University
  • Dr. Mihaela Epurianu Dranoff has extensive experience and is proficient in the field of forensic psychology. She is well known and respected by her forensic and clinical mental health colleagues. I highly recommend her services as an evaluator and consultant.

    Dr. Jemour A. Maddux, Psy.D Lamb and Maddux LLC
  • My name is Rocio Alvarez Torres and I was Dr. Dranoff patient for a while. She helped me and my husband so much.  I was going through a lot of pain in my heart and my relationship with my family and my husband was good, but because all the bad things that happen in my past was making me mad, sad and confused. She was a great listener and very kind with me. She also helped me with my immigration papers and personal issues. I highly recommend Dr. Dranoff, she is professional, intelligent, friendly and sweet. It was great being her patient.

    Rocio Alavarez Torres
  • It’s a great pleasure to wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Dranoff as an exceptional psychologist. Dr. Dranoff is a gem! With a unique perspective that can only come from an in-depth knowledge of many spheres, Dr. Dranoff has assisted our family in counseling during the past year and she is the best!!

    Ms. Mery Molina
  • Dr. Dranoff is a joy to work with – a constant source of collegial support, good humor, and constructive criticism. She possesses that rare combination of dedication to excellence, compassion, and intrinsic motivation, which result in a truly unique clinician who is capable of making considerable innovative strides in the psychological community.

    Jay P. Singh PhD, PhD Visiting Senior Scholar Institute of Criminology University of Cambridge
  • Dr. Dranoff’s evaluations educate adjudicators about trauma presentation of survivors, as well as shed light on the effects of violence on child and adolescent development—all crucial areas which the asylum officer or immigration judge must clearly understand in order for the asylum seeker to have a fair chance to present their case. Due to Dr. Dranoff’s experience and expertise in PTSD, child and adolescent psychology, as well as her long commitment to pro bono work, she was also selected to deploy with PHR to Karnes Family Residential Center in Texas, in August 2019, in order to support the work of longtime PHR legal partner RAICES.

    Kathryn Hampton Asylum Network Program Officer, Physicians for Human Rights
  • Mihaela has worked for years to champion undocumented immigrants and increase awareness on issues related to them. On a personal note, I have found Mihaela to be kind, considerate, and responsive when I asked her assistance in conferences I was organizing, and very capable to assume the point position in organizing events. I also was moved by the interest many of her students displayed when offered the opportunity to attend at no charge a major conference I organized in New York City last year. They reached out to me and eagerly demonstrated their enthusiasm in coming and helping out. This enthusiasm, which is “contagious,” reflects the teacher who serves not only as educator and mentor, but shines a flashlight to light the areas of interest of her students.

    Roy Aranda PsyD, JD, Clinical Psychologist, Executive Director, Long Island Psychological Consulting, PC. New York State Psychological Association Past President

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